Calgary ESL Summer Camp Food

ESL Summer Camp CafeteriaNutrition and a balanced diet is a primary concern for us at our summer camps. We also make sure students are hydrated by supplying them with mountain fresh bottled water constantly throughout the day. We also have fridges in each of the residence with healthy fruit snacks and food items in case students are hungry while studying or at night.

At our Calgary summer camp campus, students are fortunate to benefit from the presence of a chef school on campus.

Chef’s in training prepare the food for students and it is made-to-order which is great! Students not only get to communicate to the chefs in English but they also get top notch food and there is great variety.


Breakfast takes place in small groups of students with one teacher. Breakfast is a time for students who do not see each other in classes to talk to one another. Breakfast is like a small conversation class. From 8:00 to 8:30, the teacher and the students have breakfast while discussing the events that took place the day before or the activities that are planned for the day, i.e. canoeing in the afternoon and going to the movies in the evening. A variety of choices for breakfast are provided: milk, juice, cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, fruit, yogurt, etc. Students are expected to be on time for breakfast.


At noon, the students all meet for lunch. For the mid-day meal, participants select from a large variety of soups, salads, vegetables and main dishes: meat, fish and vegetarian. Wynchemna encourages students to meet students from different nationalities. One teacher sits at the table and asks 5 or 6 students from different countries to come and join her/him. This encourages the students to speak English.

After lunch, there is time to socialize with old and new friends before the afternoon activity begins.


Evening meals are similar to lunch; students and teachers eat supper together. There are a couple evenings when we go out to restaurants and students are expected and encouraged to order for themselves so help enahnce their English learning experience.

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