Calgary ESL Summer Camp

Study English and explore the Rocky Mountains at our English summer camp in Calgary. Renowned as one of the best ESL summer programs in Canada, the Wynchemna ESL Summer Camp in Calgary offers an excellent environment to learn English.

Since 1996 we have been providing ESL students with summer campenglish-camp-peyto-lake adventure programs that make learning English fun, interactive, and effective.

Wynchemna’s philosophy is that one should enjoy acquiring a second language. We accomplish this through a combination of classroom instruction and recreational activities. Wynchemna is a total immersion programme. Total immersion means that the students are expected to speak English at all times. We encourage the students to speak English not only in the classroom, but also during the recreational activities, on the bus, in the apartments, while walking to the cafeteria, during their free time and any place where there are other Wynchemna students. This means that each participant is immersed in English throughout the day, and learns English both through formal instruction and by using English in everyday and fun activities. We realize that the students are youths and that although they are here to learn English, they are also here to enjoy themselves in a new and exciting environment, but this does not mean that they can speak whatever language they want.

Calgary Courses Junior Course (10 to 14 years old)
June 27 to July 24 – 4 weeks
July 4 to July 24 – 3 weeks
July 26 to August 15 – 3 weeks
August 2 to August 15 – 2 weeks

Calgary Courses Senior Course (15 to 23 years old)
June 27 to July 24 – 4 weeks
July 4 to July 24 – 3 weeks
July 12 to August 8 – 4 weeks
July 19 to August 8 – 3 weeks
July 27 to August 23 – 4 weeks
August 3 to August 23 – 3 weeks

Calgary Family Course (parents, kids, nephews or nieces, uncles, aunts, friends, etc.)
July 26 to August 8 – 2 weeks

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