Learn English and explore the Rocky mountains, rafting, horseback riding, the largest shopping mall in the world, dinosaurs, glacier walks and more.

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Learn English and explore Vancouver and area including zip-trekking, suspension bridges, rafting, visiting Vancouver island and much more.

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2 Weeks in Calgary, 2 Weeks in Vancouver and 1 week in between to explore the Rocky Mountains. See the highlights of Calgary and Vancouver while you learn English and have an amazing Canadian experience.

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ESL Summer Camp in Canada

ESL Summer Camps in Canada are great places to study English in Canada in a summer program where learning English comes naturally. Literally. Canada’s natural beauty make it an ideal location for ESL summer camps where you can combine adventure, nature and learning.

Spend the summer studying in Canada in a great ESL adventure summer program.
Meet new friends whom join these programs from all over the world and have a great time learning English.

Study English in a FUN environment where ESL classes mix with adventure, camping and awesome activities.

Our English programs are the BEST ESL language camps in Canada.
These ESL summer programs are safe, reputable, and affordable.

Join ESL Summer Camp This Year

  • Esteban (Venezuela)
    This was the best summer of my life!
    Esteban (Venezuela)
  • Carmen (Germany)
    This summer was the best experience I ever had.  These three weeks were awesome; there are no more words to describe them!  I never laughed so much before, and I never cried so much as I did on the last day - the day of saying goodbye to all the nice people I'd met!  It was and will always be, one of the best summers of my life!
    Carmen (Germany)
  • Matthieu (France)
    Wynchemma = a lots of fun + many new friends from all over the world + learning English not just in interesting lessons but mainly while talking and having fun with other students and getting to know to other cultures (not just Canadian)!
    Matthieu (France)
  • Ana Paola (Mexico)
    The back country camping trip was awesome and the teachers are so kind!  It's an amazing experience that I'll never forget!  If I can, I'd like to go again next summer.
    Ana Paola (Mexico)
  • Yvonne (Taiwan)
    Wynchemna is the best experience I ever had - especially living with students from foreign countries!  I have many memories that I'll never forget!  I love it sooo much!  Everything at Wynchemna is AWESOME!
    Yvonne (Taiwan)
  • Kate (Czech Republic)
    The month in which I spent in Calgary was the best in my live!
    Kate (Czech Republic)
  • Pietro
    Hope to see you again one day.
  • Priscilla Tsang
    A beautiful life experience, the best summer vacation I've ever had.
    Priscilla Tsang
  • Roberto
    I have the best experience ever i love You wynchemna
  • Eun-Hyung Park
    Wynchemna teaches English as well as creates opportunities for the students to open their minds and see the world differently.
    Eun-Hyung Park
  • German Student
    I would like to really thank you for the amazing work you did, and I am not only taking about the awesome improvements of my English I surely got there. I am not exaggerating if I say that my days in Wynchemna totally changed my life: it has been such a mind-spending experience for the rigid and shy guy I was, and besides, an excellent occasion to appreciate your beautiful country. I can still feel the benefits and I will never forget how formative Wynchemna was for me.
    German Student
  • Kate (Czech Republic)
    The month in which I spent in Calgary was the best in my life!
    Kate (Czech Republic)
  • Ana Paola (Mexico)
    The back country camping trip was awesome and the teachers are so kind! It's an amazing experience that I'll never forget! If I can, I'd like to go again next summer.
    Ana Paola (Mexico)
  • Minjin Kim (South Korea)
    I never speak English before with people from other countries. I make so many friends and all my life remember.
    Minjin Kim (South Korea)
  • Nathalie
    I was 14 when I came to Calgary for the Wynchemna program in 1997. It was the best experience of my life and it certainly had an impact in my career choices after that. I´m so glad that the program still exists and that so many young people choose to spend their summer learning English and doing the most amazing activities ever in Calgary! The Rocky Mountains are forever in my heart! (review provided April 12, 2018)
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