ESL Summer Camp in Calgary Accommodation

The living accommodation is situated in the student residences in the northwest part of Calgary, one of the most attractive and suburban areas in Calgary. The students live in modern residences, share a bedroom with one other student and live in an apartment with other students from various different countries.

There are usually 4 bedrooms in an apartment, a living room with a TV, and a kitchen. In each bedroom there is a telephone so that students can call home. Every two students have one phone to share. Every four students share a bathroom. It is a friendly campus for students and those who join the programme discover that the campus is a stimulating place to learn and a relaxing place to reside.

Girls are in one area and boys are in another area. Wynchemna tries to place students who speak different languages together so that the students have to speak English with one another. The thrill of meeting someone new is a great chance to practice your English. If you come to Wynchemna with a friend, s/he will probably be less than a minute away in another room. You are more than welcome to go and visit your friend. Every student is in the same position. Who is going to share the room with me? Will this new student like me? Go up and introduce yourself. You may come from different countries, but you have a lot more in common than you think. Ask your new roommate what kind of music s/he is interested in? Teach your new friend a card game. Teachers will always announce a time when students have to be in their apartments and students then have half an hour (30 minutes) to chat with roommates before going to bed. Bedtime is usually between 23:00 and 24:00.

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