ESL Summer Camp in Calgary – Location Information

Wynchemna’s summer camp is based in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is nestled on the flat prairie at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. This is a great city that is fast becoming one of the most powerful executive cities in Canada as a result of it’s ties to the oil and gas industry.

Today, Calgary has a population of more than 900,000 inhabitants and is all over the world recognized thanks to the winter Olympic games in 1988. The city consists of various ethnic groups which play an active and important role in business. Its mountains will amaze you and its inhabitants will give you urge to return.

You can walk, pedal or ski on unlimited paths, boating on pure mountains lakes, or go fishing on the river Bow, the destination of choice of the fishermen all around the world. Calgary is a clean and secure city. Its warm inhabitants will welcome you with open arms. Its beauty as well as its romantic patrimony will fascinate you.

Weather in Calgary:

Generally speaking, the weather is nice and very dry and sunny in Calgary during the summer, although the weather can change quite rapidly. It could be hot, dry and 28C one day and the next day windy and 18C. Calgary is close to 1000 metres above sea level. Be prepared for anything! In the mountains it gets cool during the evenings and nights.


Calgary – Wynchemna’s ideal location – is a modern, clean, attractive, friendly and safe city that offers a lot of recreational activities.  Calgary is located in Southern Alberta about an hour drive from the magnificent Rocky Mountains and it is about an hour and a half from the dinosaur country (Drumheller).  There are many historical places we will visit in and around Calgary like the Buffalo Jump which is about two hours away, the Columbia Ice Fields which is about one and half hours away where students get to walk on a glacier.

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