Calgary Summer Camp Advantages

Our programs have been highly rated by students, parents, ESL schools, agents and pretty much everyone who has participated in our programs. One of our agents, who has worked with summer camp programs since 1995 says, “I have never been involved with a program that provides such a complete learning environment for the students. I have also never seen summer camp campers have such a tough time saying goodbye. The relationships my students develop here each year are lasting and the impact of this camp is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for all you do each year. You will see me and my groups again next year. Keep up the good work.”

Wynchemna sets its’ standards high for fun, safety and for a productive learning environment.  Here are just a couple of the amazing advantages of the Wynchemna summer camp ESL programs:

  • Very very small classes
  • 1 teacher for every 6 or 7 youths – on average
  • very unique and individual lessons from plans
  • teachers work on speaking, listening, talking, writing and reading
  • choice of English and/or French classes
  • very nice campus
  • two students share a bedroom in apartment style accommodation
  • each bedroom has a telephone for students to call home
  • TV, living room, kitchen, dining room in each apartment
  • Refrigerator for students to put their drinks and snacks in
  • Many many many activities and excursions
  • Canoeing, badminton, golfing, rock climbing, hockey, beach volleyball, Basketball, wave pool, bowling, indoor soccer, rollerskating, kayaking
  • Calgary summer camps include a one-week tour through the Rocky Mountain Parks of Alberta, Mountain biking, camping, campfires, singing, West Edmonton Mall, a day of hiking up the beautiful Sulphur Ridge with a panoramic view, Hot springs, wildlife, Columbia Ice fields, Athabasca Falls, Lake Louise, Horseback riding in the breath-taking meadows of Ram Falls

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