Vancouver ESL Summer Camp Advantages

Vancouver is rated one of the most liveable cities in the world, it is also considered one of the most beautiful. Our summer camp in Vancouver takes advantage of the incredible city of Vancouver and the program is the best learning environment for ESL students in Vancouver.

  • Vancouver summer camps include a one-week tour to Vancouver Island, a trip to Whistler and the coastal mountain range and a host of other amazing adventures sure to bring a smile to every campers face.
  • Very very small classes
  • 1 teacher for every 6 or 7 youths – on average
  • very unique and individual lessons from plans
  • teachers work on speaking, listening, talking, writing and reading
    choice of English and/or French classes
  • very nice campuses
  • in Vancouver students get single bedrooms
  • each bedroom has a telephone for students to call home
  • TV, living room, kitchen, dining room in each apartment
  • Refrigerator for students to put their drinks and snacks in
  • Many many many activities and excursions Canoeing, badminton, golfing, rock climbing, hockey, beach volleyball, Basketball, wave pool, bowling, indoor soccer, rollerskating, kayaking

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