Why is the Calgary summer camp program cheaper?

The costs for activities and resources are higher in Vancouver than they are in Calgary.

What is included in the cost of camps in Vancouver AND Calgary?

Everything is included with the exception of pocket money or spending money.

• Insurance: included in cost

• Medical: included in cost

• Activities Costs: included in cost

• Extra Costs: junk food and shopping costs, souvenirs, $0.25 every time they speak a language other than English

What are the costs for extra activities?

No, everything is included. If students want to buy souvenirs they will need to spend their own money or if they want to buy a particular snack. Students are discouraged from buying junk food as snacks and meals are provided.

How much spending money are students encouraged to bring?

Students are encouraged to bring $300-1000 with them – they are encouraged to bring some cash ($200) and traveller’s checks.

Is the cost of the plane ticket included in the price of the camp?

No, students will be required to get their own plane tickets

How do I book the plane ticket?

We suggest you get a travel agent to assist you with the booking of the plane ticket.

Are there fees for airport pickups and airport drop offs?

No, there are no costs for airport pick ups and drop offs

Is a deposit required?

Deposits are required for group bookings but not individual bookings.

Is this refundable?

If the fee for the camp is paid and the student has to cancel over 30 days before the camp begins, they will receive 80% of the fee back. If there is less than 30 days, no refund will be made unless there is some kind of sickness or a family member is very sick and this can be proven with medical records.

Where are the students from?

22% Spanish, 15% Korean, 10% Italian, 10% German, 6% France

(only top 5 listed)

If brothers or sisters apply together ( in one family), would it be possible to stay together and take class together?

A placement exam is organized on the first day of classes so it depends on the result.

If brothers or sisters apply together ( in one family), is there a discount on the fee?

No, our costs are calculated on food, accommodation, teaching supplies and resources and a number of other factors that are on a per student basis.  We try to keep our camp registration costs as affordable as possible understanding that this is a huge commitment.

What are the qualifications of the teachers and counsellors?

Teachers have degrees, ESL experience and first aid.

What is the schedule for the students?

Please check the link to the schedule for our summer camp.

How do you determine who is in what class?

A placement exam is organized on the first day of classes. Wynchemna places each student in the class where s/he will feel most comfortable. The classes are very small. Wynchemna tries to mix nationalities while keeping the students with the same level of English in one class.

How many students are in each class?

Maximum 7 students in a class. Each student will have two different teachers every day; one teacher will concentrate on speaking and listening skills while the other teacher will concentrate on reading and writing skills.

What are the goals of the program?

Wynchemna’s philosophy is that one should enjoy acquiring a second language. We accomplish this through a combination of classroom instruction and recreational activities.

How much time is spent in classroom?

3 week ESL Summer Camp Program – 50 hours

4 week ESL Summer Camp Program – 66 hours

How much time is spent on activities?

3 week ESL Summer Camp Program – 105 hours

4 week ESL Summer Camp Program – 140 hours

What are the activities and how do they relate to the curriculum to enhance learning and retention?

The activites contain canoeing, badminton, golfing, rock climbing, hockey, beach volleyball, basketball, wave pool, bowling, indoor soccer, roller-skating, kayaking, Going to the movies, Loose Moose Theatre, International Supper, a day at Horseshoe Canyon, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, Whistler or Vancouver Island.

The activities and places students visit depends on the camp you attend.

If you’re in Vancouver, you’ll see Whistler and Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Island, Granville Island and a number of other amazing places. If you’re going to the Calgary summer camp you’ll experience a walk on a glacier, skating in the Olympic Oval, Banff, Lake Louise and lots of other great fun adventures.

We encourage the students to speak English not only in the classroom, but also during the recreational activities. This means that each participant is immersed in English throughout the day, and learns English both through formal instruction and by using English in everyday and fun activities.

Is food included?

Yes, the cost includes food.

What kind of food will the students be eating?

Breakfast: cereal, fruit, juices, milk

Lunch:cooking school cafeteria

Supper: Restaurant

Snack: fruit or healthy snack

If you want further information about meals and food at the summer camp please check the specific article about food at each summer camp description.

What are the accommodations like?

Calgary ESL Summer Camp – The living accommodation is situated in the student residences in the northwest part of Calgary, one of the most attractive and suburban areas in Calgary. The participants live in modern residences, share a bedroom with one other student and live in an apartment with other students from various different countries.

There are usually 4–bedrooms in an apartment, a living room with a TV, and a kitchen.

In each bedroom there is a telephone so that students can call home.

It is a friendly campus for students and those who join the programme discover that the campus is a stimulating place to learn and a relaxing place to reside.

More information about the Calgary ESL Summer Camp Accommodations please check the details page of the ESL Summer Program Description for Calgary.

Calgary ESL Summer Camp – The living accommodation for the Vancouver program is on the University of British Columbia campus. This accommodation is exceptional, offering a private room with a desk and wardrobe to all students. Like Calgary, this is a residence that offers great security and lots of comfort.

More information about the Vancouver ESL Summer Camp Accommodations please check the details page of the ESL Summer Program Description for Vancouver.

How are students able to maintain contact with parents so parents can find out how they are doing?

It is difficult to phone your daughter or son at the residences because we are often off campus, participating in various recreational activities such as canoeing, kayaking, golfing, going to the movies, etc.; instead, we suggest that your daughter or son phones you. Wynchemna will give each student one long-distance telephone card for free. The student can call for approximately 20 minutes with this phone card.

During the camp, can parents visit their kids?

If you plan to visit your daughter or son at Wynchemna, please notify us as soon as possible because we are often away from the residences doing various recreational activities. If a relative or friend would like to visit your daughter or son, we need written permission from the parents that their daughter or son is allowed to visit with this person.

Are students met and picked up from the airport – by who and how?

The Wynchemna teachers will be waiting for the students at the airport. The students will be able to recognize the teachers because the teachers will be wearing a Wynchemna shirt and they will be holding a sign with the names of the students. If there are any problems, please go to the sign International Arrivals ‘C’ or the sign Arrivals ‘A’ and wait for a Wynchemna teacher or you can phone 282-1698. At the end of the programme, the teachers will, of course, take the students back to the airport and help them at the “check in.” (If your son or daughter has a stopover, you may request at the “check in” in your country for someone to help your daughter or son transfer from one plane to another plane).

How much clothing should my child pack for the camp and what type of clothing?


Please remember not to take expensive clothes that might be damaged during the recreational activities.


We highly suggest that no cell phones, gameboys, ipods, other electronic equipment are brought to Wynchemna.

If students decide to bring these things along anyway, Wynchemna is not responsible if items are lost, destroyed or broken by other students or unforeseen events during the recreational activities.

No electronic equipment is allowed on the bus (for example, ipods, smart phones, video games, etc.).

Students are expected to speak and talk with each other and the teachers while riding the bus.

Cell phones must be turned off during breakfast, language lessons, lunch, bus rides, recreational activities and supper.

If there are any problems with cell phone use, Wynchemna will take the cell phone away from the student and give the cell phone back to the student on the last day of the course.

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