We appreciate that English teachers, private language school owners, and parents want to find ways to save on the overall costs and make this opportunity possible for friends and other students.  ESL Summer Camp offers the following group discounts:

5 Students

  • 5% discount on price of the camp per student.

10 or more students 

  • 10% discount on the price of the camp
  • PLUS one group leader gets accommodation, activities and entrance fees all paid for, insurance, food and all local transportation. (Basically the group leader will only need to pay for flight over and souvenirs or anything he or she wishes to buy).  For every 10 students you get another free group leader.  
  • We cannot offer a discount on the airfare but that is something you might be able to negotiation with a travel agent or airline directly.

Please note that there are limitations on the size of our camps and the ratios of ethnicity.  In an effort to ensure our summer camps are as diverse as possible we cannot have more than 20 students of one particular nationality in one camp at any given time.  If you have a large group we can mix your students in with different camps or we can arrange to design and sponsor a camp specifically for you.

As a note, we can also create custom ESL camps for your groups at almost any time of the year.  Please contact us directly if you wish to have your own custom designed ESL camp in Canada.

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