It was Wynchemna’s 20 Anniversary in 2015!!!

After over 20 years, I still can’t believe I am doing the job I love – running ESL/FSL programmes, which combines nature and outdoor activities! I truly enjoy how students love being in the nature and appreciating breathtaking views while visiting the Canadian Rockies! It is amazing the see how the students bond during their tour in the Rockies and when they leave for the airport, there are tons of tears.

This past summer, we had one Italian and one Czech student who were both 20 years old. They were amazing students not only because they spoke English all the time and mixed well with other nationalities, their positive attitude just made the ESL programme one of the best in last few years. On the way to the airport on the last day, they talked about skiing and visiting each other during the winter holidays. This is is what Wynchemna is about – making friends for life. This is just one story this summer and there are many kind of these stories from Wynchemna. Recently, I received an email from a Mexican student (from 1995) who went to visit an Austrian student (also in 1995) in Vienna – after 20 years they are still friends who live on different continents!!!

I feel very rewarding and touched when I see things like that and I hope you also have experienced the same things from students you send to Wynchemna!!!

Roland Markotic

Wynchemna Summer Camp Director

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